What ist Articlett?

A platform which suits any reading habits and opens the door to multiple sources!

Maybe you experienced the following: you stumbled upon an interesting article on the internet and read the first two paragraphs but then the pay wall appeared. The only way to overcome it is to subscribe for the whole newspaper. But you don't want the entire content, you only want this one article. And you don't want to limit yourself to just this single publisher. This is what motivated us to create Articlett!
We are making the platform where you can access paid articles from multiple publishers.

Insights repository
Insights repository

"I don't want to limit myself to a single publisher."

Insights repository

We have content from multiple publishers and you can choose to read any article.

Insights repository

"I don't have time to read the whole content of a single publisher."

Insights repository

We have different subscriptions catering to every readers needs.

Insights repository

"I can't access multiple sources for a specific topic."

Insights repository

Get different perspectives from multiple publishers.

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Always transperant

Our dashboard enables you to explore topics outside of your filter-bubble! There you can find randomly selected titles and get inspiration on new subjects. However, if you want to search for something specific, you can easily configure a filter, so that you can always choose, which articles you're being shown.

More flexibility

For every reading habit

You can choose which articles you want to read among all publishers and thus read exactly what you want to read. We offer different subscriptions with different price ranges depending on how much you want to read. But no matter which one you choose: The whole variety of sources and topics is available to you.

Context information

Up to date

You haven't been following an event for a couple of days and suddenly there are five new unknown names? Just click on the name and we will show you a short information (with reference) about the person and further articles about this person.


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Together we combine field specific experience and technical know-how.


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